3 Reasons Why You Should STOP RECORDING ON MP3 Beats

                  You should WANT to stop recording on MP3 beats.


        I know you're probably thinking "What? Why would I do that? I know what I'm doing and my shit is dope!" Well not as dope as it could be and let me explain to you why in 3 undeniable reasons you have all experienced. The only purpose for an mp3 is for producers and artists to easily send audio to each other through quick shit like fb messenger, email, etc. for listening, writing, and maybe recording a rough draft to illustrate an idea. Its a paper airplane file type. That's it. Besides the fact that it irreversibly crunches the quality, there are 3 reasons why professional major/indie artists won't record over an mp3 and expect anything above a gutter mixtape.


                                      1. You're not able to change the beat to fit your vision of the song. Your not going to achieve the best song composition you could have had. Longer/Shorter bars? Breaks/drops emphasizing vocals? Changing samples and instruments? Adding a bridge? Not happening without the stems.


                   2. Its not able to be completely mastered by your engineer. Want that bitch to knock more? It can only be louder and shit muddy because things like side chaining the kick into the bass cant be done without the two being on different tracks. Want to EQ the snare? Good luck not effecting the the hi hat and melody. Only a very creative musician will even consider duplicating the track 12x and filter/slice out this or that on some Frankenstein level. They will hate your existence if you ask them to. Its just unheard of and only someone with nothing better to do will entertain the idea. Your engineer is just going to throw his favorite multiband compressor and say f*ck it. You simply cant make anything specific sound the way you want to without the stems.


          3. Your vocals aren't fitting in the mix -they sit on top of it. The vocals are supposed to nicely fit in that pocket and have everything else nicely flow around it as a support. that doesnt happen with the beat as one beat track. On the portfolio version of the beat the melody all too often gets clouded with shit tons of reverb, delays, and chorus effects to make it sound epic. Your favorite producer may have focused on the 808 so much that he did a quick job with the stereo placement if he gave a crap at all. The snare is just too loud or quiet. It happens. Volumes and panning are not even close to a big deal. Unless you're missing the stems of course.


                          These are the elements that are continually tweaked as the creation process unfolds. Its nothing new or even all that complicated. In order to do it though, you need to have access to the original project and a master set of WAV stems. Its the only way to render out the final song in true quality. This is not even a problem for professional musicians because they have a continual relationship with their producer. The problem is that so many losers at life want to blow up and get rich without paying their dues. Actually stealing the music from producers who send out these mp3 beats as listening versions only. In their mind they are thinking that they will not be recorded on without payment. Almost every producer out there will send the stems with a leasing agreement. It really has cut producers out of the production element, making them look and feel like simple beat makers for charity. Instead of creativity flowing fully it becomes a negotiation of the release of stems like hostage. Annoying beat tags being sent in as the muscle. And snake ass ninja people stealing beats creating the demand for them. The poor quality being released these days makes everyone involved look bad and is just a symptom of all the fuckery going on in the industry. It hurts the ArtistProducer relationship, and is just a lack of respect for the musical art in general.

                                                                 -Johney SoQlose #EndTheFuckery


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